Download of JavaMod 3.8, WinMod 1.5 und DosMod 1.9

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On this page you can download the three mod players developed by me. The first one ever made back in the 80s was "DosMod" which was written in assembler and C and is running under MS DOS. The player "WinMod" was than a complete redesign running under Windows (95>) using DirectX (V7.0 is minimum) and is completely written in C++. In 2006 I again developed a new player - now using Java. It's the best one I ever did.

DosMod 1.9 downloadbutton mod.zip
WinMod 1.5 downloadbutton winmod.zip
   WinMod Sourcecode (GPL) downloadbutton project_winmod.zip
   WinMod Installer downloadbutton winmod_installer.zip
JavaMod 3.8 downloadbutton javamod.jar
   JavaMod Sourcecode (GPL) downloadbutton javamod-source.zip
   JavaMod Change Log downloadbutton javamod_version.txt
   JavaMod on GitHub and SourceForge downloadbutton GitHub
downloadbutton SourceForge

And for testing porpouses some small MODs:
   Reflexity Music This is the score to a Pinball Game made by Markus Müller
   Beyond Music The winning title from the competition 1991 (Parikkala, Finland), and it is worth it!
   Coffee Blues III This song extremely uses pattern jumping. Try it with a player of your choice...

Visit the official home page of these player

JDK downloads, if needed:

Because of end of life of JDK8, JavaMod is now compiled with JDK17. Please use at least JDK17.
If you need to download, refere to these pages:
OpenJDK Downloads
OpenJDK archived Downloads
Linux users are encouraged to use the repo installations of their distro.

The feature-list of JavaMod:
  • NoiseTracker Mods (*.nst)
  • ProTracker Mods (*.mod, *.wow: M.K., M!K!, FLT4, FLT8, 4CHN, 6CHN, 8CHN, CD81, OKTA, CH/CN)
    ProTracker mods are rendered using the original period table (16 finetune tables) of the ProTracker 2.1A playback routine and not by XM or IT playback routines.
  • FastTracker 2 MODs (*.xm) - FT 2.09 compatible
  • ScreamTracker (*stm, *s3m)
  • ImpulseTracker (*.IT) with NNAs and DNAs, IT 2.14 compatible
  • XM log table, XM linear table
  • IT Amiga table, IT linear table, it old effects, it compatible, it legacy switch, correct effect memories
  • Schism IT penetration tests are 100% correct
  • stm/s3m/it frequencies
  • All effects implemented (and finally NNAs / DNAs for IT --> use at least JDK11 or higher, JDK8 only manages about 100 NNAs)
  • Interpolated mixing (linear, cubic, windowed FIR)
  • 8/16/24/32 bit output: internally 32 bit are used - for lower output dithering is used
  • If mods should end in an endless loop: the player can detect this and start a fade-out
  • Support for mp3, mp3 http streams, wav, au, aif, midi, rmi, ape, flac, ogg/vorbis
  • display ID3v1, ID3v2 tags and Limecast, Shoutcast (and compatible) tags
  • SID files (for all the C64 lovers out there)
  • Support for OPL3 synthesis and output of AdLib ROL files, but also other formats
  • Support for pls and m3u(8) playlists - also ZIPs and CUEs are accepted as playlists
  • WAV export
  • and much more!
Das Maskottchen
The list of playable formats:
  • Midi-Files (*.mid, *.rmf, *.rmi)
  • FLAC-Files (*.flac)
  • MP3-Files (*.mp1, *.mp2, *.mp3)
  • SID-Files (*.sid, *.dat, *.inf)
  • Wave-Files (*.wav, *.au, *.aif)
  • Mod-Files (*.mod, *.xm, *.stk, *.it, *.s3m, *.stm, *.nst, *.wow, *.far, *.mtm)
  • OPL3-Files (*.rol, *.laa, *.cmf, *.dro, *.sci)
  • APE-Files (*.ape, *.apl, *.mac)
  • ogg/vorbis-Files (*.ogg, *.oga)
  • Playlists (*.pls, *.m3u, *.m3u8, *.cue, *.zip)

All mod player are here for a complete free download. With JavaMod and WinMod I also provided the sourcecode for download. If you would like to send me an eMail you are welcome to use this address

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